A Digital Exhibit from the Mercy Heritage Center

Although 150 years have passed, the Civil War remains etched in American memory. The service of Catholic sisters, however, remains a rarely told story. The sisters were small in number, but the impact of their work loomed large in the landscape of the war. During the darkest hours of suffering, the sisters’ compassion was a beacon of hope for the wounded and dying. The service of Catholic sisters was, and remains, a vital part of the American story.

This digital exhibit replicates and expands on the Civil War Sisters: Healing the Wounds of the Nation physical exhibit, located at Mercy Heritage Center in Belmont, N.C. Mercy Heritage Center holds the archives for the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. The digital exhibit is divided into nine sections located below, and is designed to be accessed in order (left to right, top to bottom) or independently. The exhibit features historic information about the service of the Sisters of Mercy during the Civil War and the landscape of the United States in the 1860s. It also includes digitized textual and photographic artifacts from Mercy Heritage Center.

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